From This Day Forward (Remarriage) – 5 DVD Series

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If you are remarried or considering remarriage this series is a must. Dr. Dobbins has designed it especially to help you anticipate and deal with the complex challenges you will face in making your marriage what you dream it will be. This 5 DVD set is one of the best investments you can make in your marriage. It is also a valuable resource for pastors and counselors.

DVD 1: Putting It All Together

It takes longer than you think! It will take you from three to five years to secure your new marriage. In this DVD Dr. Dobbins traces your journey through five stages and tells you how to deal with each.

DVD 2: The Children Come With the Marriage

Don't let them wreck it! Every child whose parents divorce dreams that they will get back together. When a parent dies children often challenge the surviving parent\'s efforts to build a new marriage. In this DVD Dr. Dobbins provides practical help for couples facing these painful situations.

DVD 3: Your Key To Success

Bend and blend before you break! Your new marriage will require even more flexibility than your previous one. In this DVD Dr. Dobbins helps you learn the skills to negotiate and compromise. These are necessary to the communication you will need to make your new marriage what you want it to be.

DVD 4: Yours, Mine and Ours

It makes more difference than you think! When either of you bring an estate into the marriage a fair prenuptial agreement will go a long way towards neutralizing conflicts over money. Child support payments may also pose monetary challenges. Dr. Dobbins offers invaluable practical advice on both of these matters in this DVD.

DVD 5: Keep Your Passions Alive

Lukewarm love will kill you! The flames of passion that attracted you to each other initially must be kept alive if your new marriage is to survive. In this DVD, Dr. Dobbins gives you some invaluable suggestions for keeping the home fires burning.