Your Feelings, Friend or Foe – Study Guide

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A reader recently wrote, "This book is likely the best kept secret in psychology today. In it Dr. Dobbins offers you, profound wisdom, and insight that can be applied practically in dealing with your feelings on a daily basis. With the help of this book you will be able to restore health to your marriage and gain a fresh and redemptive perspective on your personal life."

Formal education teaches you how to "think." In this book Dr. Dobbins teaches you how to "feel." The way you have chosen to deal with your feelings in the past is reflected in your countenance. All of us go through times when we are sad, depressed, angry, guilty, anxious, or confused, but if you have not learned practical ways of dealing with these emotions you are missing out on the joy of life. Dr. Dobbins teaches you how to make your feelings your "friends." Over 100,000 people have already found that reading this book has given them practical ways of dealing with their self-concept, fear, anxiety, anger, guilt and depression. After reading this book and applying what you learn to your life, you will never be the same!