Teaching Your Children The Truth About Sex – Parent’s Guide

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Parents want to raise healthy children in a sexually sick world! Using this workbook and DVD series you can discover how!

Create an environment that treats sexuality as a normal part of life. Decide that you want your children to be blessed and not burdened by their sexuality, and teach them a sacred view of sex so they can recognize all the secular nuances.

  • The human disposition for sexual pleasure starts BEFORE we are born!
  • How you can help your children make sense of and embrace the sexual rules and guidelines you give them.
  • How to protect your children from the growing internet based porn industry and sexual predators.
  • When and what to say to your child before he/she says “I do”.
  • What to teach your children to expect during pregnancy.
  • How to respond to the most commonly asked question about delicate issues without stumbling for words.