At The Table of The Lord Paperback Edition

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In his Introduction to this book, Dr. Dobbins writes, "During my 26 years of pastoral ministry, I placed great importance on the healing potential of Communion. Now, as a Psychologist, I am convinced that much of the therapy that takes place in my office would be unnecessary if people were taught how to practically apply the healing available to them in Communion."

The pastor who encourages people to be vulnerable to God and transparent about their sins will be rewarded by seeing many of them relieved of guilt , anger, fear, and depression during their observance of Communion. The reconciliation of highly stressed or broken marriage and family relationships often begins in the decisions arrived at in moments of reflection during a Communion service. In this book, Dr. Dobbins has compiled 15 of his best communion sermons. "At The Table of the Lord" presents a fresh and invigorating perspective on the healing power of Communion. Reading this book will transform the ways you see this traditional celebration of the Christian faith.