Meet the Doctor

Dr. Richard D. Dobbins Bio

Dr. Dobbins is no stranger to the pain of life. His childhood was marked with the knowledge that his birth also ended his mother’s life. This painful experience ultimately led him into a deep and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In his late teens, Dr. Dobbins felt called to the ministry and pursued a higher understanding by studying theology at Eastern Bible Institute (now Valley Forge Christian College) and Central Bible Institute (now Central Bible College). In 1949, he was ordained by the Illinois District Council of the Assemblies of God and began to pursue his calling.

The next 26 years of Dr. Dobbins’s life would prove to be the catalyst to his unique understanding of Christian Mental Health. Newly married, he and his wife, founded the Evangel Temple in Akron, OH. During this time, he and his wife experienced a mixed bag of joy and pain with the arrival of their three children. His wife suffered from severe and clinical bouts of post partum depression that left Dr. Dobbins desperate to understand the exact nature of the condition ailing his wife. Upon approaching medical doctors, they found little practical help. Upon approaching the church, they found few resources to deal with the mental health issues they were facing. This experience was the driving force that led him to attain a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Psychology, Ph.D. in Guidance and Counseling and a clinical license with the Ohio Board of Psychology. At the end of this era in his life, Dr. Dobbins grew passionate about providing practical mental health services to address the growing needs within the church.

In 1976, Dr. Dobbins founded EMERGE Ministries in Akron, OH. Throughout his 30 years of service to EMERGE, he was able to personally help thousands of people. It was also during this time that he began to write, teach and develop materials to bridge the gap between theology and psychology. Through his experience with helping others, Dr. Dobbins was able to develop materials that offered a clear and practical perspective on some of life’s most challenging issues. During the growth of a thriving ministry, his wife succumbed to the effects of cancer and Dr. Dobbins was once again at a crossroads in his life.

EMERGE Ministries continued to flourish and Dr. Dobbins continued to seek God’s will for his life. In 1994, he received a Doctor of Humanities from Ashland Theological Seminary and re-married. This began yet another season of his life that yielded an even deeper understanding that he wanted to pass along to others. His wife, Priscilla, grew passionate about the wisdom found in his writings and encouraged him to continue in his work.

In 1997, Dr. Dobbins was faced with the frailty of life when he underwent open heart surgery. His faith and reliance on God grew even deeper during this time. He poured out his heart by humbly asking God to spare his life in return for emptying his mind of all the wisdom God had given him. God answered that prayer and thus began the next turn in his life.

In 2003, he retired as CEO of EMERGE Ministries and committed to writing for the remaining years that God would give him. In the same year, Dr. Richard D. Dobbins Ministries, Inc. was founded as a vehicle to develop and publish Dr. Dobbins’ materials. The goal of this new organization is to provide online tools to assist people in making the supernatural practical in their daily lives. Dr. Dobbins continues to be steadfast in writing new material to fulfill the promise he made to God in 1997.

The work of Dr. Dobbins has been published in over 50 books, articles and other media in the United States as well as several foreign countries. He has lectured at universities and led hundreds of seminars and has also served on numerous non-profit boards. In September 2009 THE INSTITUTE OF RICHARD D. DOBBINS INSTITUTE OF MINISTRY will be online for reaching people around the world with his teachings. This institute will contain 48 to 60 lessons including IPC Plus! and many new teachings of Dr. Dobbins.

In 2003, The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) presented Dr. Dobbins with special recognition for his pioneer work in the Christian Mental Health field.

Dr. Dobbins is also a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Ohio Psychological Association (OPA).