About Dr. Dobbins

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To re-create all Dr. Richard D. Dobbins’ teachings and make available for future generations the knowledge and experience God has graciously shared with him over the last 60 some years. To help people apply biblical truth in their pursuit and celebration of a practical and healthy faith.

VISION STATEMENT: To create online Dr. Richard D. Dobbins Institute of Ministrywhich includes the allnew and updatedcounseling distant education program from IPC – Institute for Pastoral Counseling plus many more teachings!To market this institute and all materials throughout the world the biblical teachings of Dr. Dobbins for enabling and equipping people:
– To understand more clearly the spiritual nature of thinking.
– To enable Christians to make the supernatural practical in their daily lives.
– To build healthy marriages, strong families and be the primary sex educators of their children.
– To integrate faith and science into the mental health process that enables people to utilize their faith in God as a dynamic part of the healing process.