Dr. Richard D. Dobbins

Making the Supernatural Practical in Our Lives


THE RICHARD D. DOBBINS INSTITUTE OF MINISTRY (www.RDDIM.org) Continues training!  Visit today.


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RDDIM is an online Christian counseling training program taught by Dr. Richard Dobbins, a pioneer in bringing together theology and psychology. Each of Dr. Dobbin’s video lessons have grown out of healing discoveries from his own life as well as his 50+ years of counseling and pastoral experience. What began as a distance learning program for pastors in the seventies has evolved and now serves as college accredited coursework for pastoral and counseling students.

Along with the video training lessons, all enrolled students in RDDIM who would like to earn a certificate can take a quiz after each lesson and receive a grade immediately online.

The first modules include 22 lessons which are complete and can be found at the RDDIM website. Click here to find out more and preview 5 minutes of any of the 22 lessons.

Watch the institute grow! We will keep updates coming to you often.

Thanks for all your prayers!!

Priscilla Dobbins